About us

Who are we?

We came together and formed ConTakt in 2020 as a collective. We make artistic decisions together and distribute organizational tasks amongst ourselves. In our artistic residencies we’ve invited Pau Portabella, Sabrina Gargano and Raffa Jagat to help facilitate our processes.

Despite living in different cities, we maintain close communication through weekly online meetings and utilize tools like Slack and shared documents for organizing tasks. Mimosa Percy, initially a performer on stage, stepped back from performing but still contributes to booking and production aspects. We periodically gather for in-person training weeks and residencies to refine our skills, expand our repertoire, and prepare for upcoming tours.

Yasmine Heyer
Yasmine established the contemporary circus association Akrosphäre in Graz together with Uwe and was part of two co-productions of LaStrada with CieXY and Circa. She tours internationally with ConTakt and the Duoshow by Yasmine&Uwe Xpect. She is the founder, art director, and manager of the annual circus events “Fest der Zirkuskünste” and “Evening of Wonders” in Graz. Additionally, she teaches acrobatics and trapeze at various circus schools for kids and international acrobatic events.

Uwe Sattelkow
Uwe, co-founder of Akrosphäre in Graz, Austria, holds a diverse background in IT and philosophy. He holds years of experience in performing and teaching circus and has been an integral part of several performance projects. He is currently engaged in the collective ConTakt, as well as the Duo Yasmine&Uwe, both of which showcase an unconventional blend of music, theater, and advanced acrobatic displays that captivate and entertain their audiences.

Lily Colleen

Lily discovered her love for circus on her travels, training in different circus spaces and schools to further deepen her skillset in theater, movement and acrobatics. While training at DOCH School of Dance and Circus Stockholm she met Pao Portabella, who joined ConTakt as an Outside Eye a year later for the creation process. When she isn’t working in circus projects, she is campaigning for environmental justice or is out in the forest hunting for mushrooms.

Klovis Martin
Klovis, a versatile multi-instrumentalist, crafts distinctive musical compositions for diverse live performances, including circus acts, children’s shows, and activist theater. He travels globally with his band No more Winters, contributing as a drummer and vocalist. Within ConTakt, he showcases his versatility by incorporating his voice, beatboxing skills, flute, and effects, while also taking on the role of an acrobat.

Cloé Matter

As a former sports acrobat, she finished her professional circus studies INAC in Portugal in 2022. As a skilled flyer she seamlessly blends physical theatre and acrobatics into her performances. Cloé actively contributes to the professional Swiss circus community as a board member of ProCirque. Additionally, she performs as a Duo with Josh, in Cie Black Stroller and was part of Cie XY in “les voyages” in 2022.

Joschua Golaszewski
Joschua has spent over a decade honing his skills in various forms of martial arts, which included a year long immersive training program in China. In 2017, he discovered circus and was an integral part of the national team in sports acrobatics in Switzerland. In 2022, he graduated from the renowned INAC circus school in Portugal. In addition to his circus pursuits, Joschua is also passionate about physical theatre, adept at playing the Armenian flute Duduk and mixing music.